Oldham Viper #161 Combination Flush & Bevel Router Bit


Price: $8.95

Oldham Viper Router Bits 2 Flute Straight

Price: $7.99

Product Details

  • carbide Tipped 1/2" Shank
  • extort cut profile template #80
  • 1/2" Cut Diameter 1" Cut Understanding

Oldham Viper #230 V-Grooving Router Bit 1/4' Shank


Price: $5.95

Oldham Viper #156 Combination Panel Router Bit


Price: $3.39

Oldham Viper Router Bits - Bookshelf

Fine Woodworking Fine Woodworking

Woodwork - 2004

The Art o/Routing Beget YOUR OWN MASTERPIECE You can make this picture frame with these four bits! Viper bonus carbide router bits are designed and manufactured by experienced woodworkers who understand the faultlessness you expect from your tools. ... WITH VIPER CARBIDE ROUTER BITS 1-800-828- 9000 www.oldham-usa.com it's a play of cake A knuckle joint is quite. hisiii.r m:k \k i \o ...
Woodworker's Source Book
160 pages
Woodworker's Source Book

Creator: Charles R. Self | Crafts & Hobbies - 1995

The router bits are said to be top quality — I've never used any of this trade-mark — and come in a wide variety of profiles, including ... (716) 778-8588 The Oldham-Partnership States Saw catalog of their saw blades, router bits and abrasive wheels provides some important choices, ... or eighty teeth), plus three styles of dado blades, with the addition of masonry and metal- cutting abrasive wheels, and then to Viper router bits.
Companies and Their Brands
3942 pages
Companies and Their Brands

Creator: Donna J. Wood | Trademarks - 1990

... VIPER ROUTER BITS - Woodworking machinery Oldham Designs Inc. 9043 Synthesizing Gap Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89123 (702)895-7400 OLDHAM DESIGNS - Frames-picture Oldham Saw Theatre troupe Inc. 701 E Joppa Rd. Towson, MD 21286- 5559 ...